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Board Members and Committee Chairs

Send an Email to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

 President  Brenda Gillespie  president*
 Vice President  Michelle Garcia  vicepresident*
 Secretary  Rebecca Salisbury  secretary*
 Treasurer  Jean Rutledge  treasurer*
 COTA Fundraising co-Coordinator  Rebecca Salisbury  rebsalisbury*
 COTA Fundraising co-Coordinator  Open  vicepresident*
 Sponsorship Coordinator  Brenda Gillespie  brendal1971*
 Restaurant Spirit Night Coordinator  Open  vicepresident*
 Prom Fashion Show Coordinator  Hjardist Baldwin  hjardist*
 Garage Sale Coordinator  Open
 Marketing/Promotion Coordinator  Lori Miranda  lorimiranda2011*
 Door Prize Coordinator  Open  vicepresident*
 Pass the Boot Coordinator  Michelle Garcia  vicepresident*
 Event Activities Coordinator  Open  vicepresident*
 Shop With Scrip Coordinator  Brenda Gillespie  brendal1971*
 Ticket Sales Coordinator  Steve Dezeeuw  tickets*
 Web Site Information Manager  John Davis  webmaster*

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